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Sweet baby

Introduction to Lullabies

Sweet Baby

What is the power of a lullaby? Babies calm down and slip into slumber; parents relax and feel more at peace with themselves and their baby. Lullabies are the universal musical language of parents loving their babies. Gently stroke or massage you’re your baby when listening; feel the waves of calmness sweep over you. Toria Burrell taught me to listen to music and I am sure that her lullabies will make you listen to the rhythm of your baby.

Marc Weissbluth, M.D.

Toria Burrell

Sweet Baby

Toria Burrell was born in Crawley, England. She gave her first singing performance at age 3, began the piano at age 4, and the flute at age 8. At 14, she started classical training at the Royal Academy of Music, London in flute, piano, and theory.

Marc Weissbluth Presents Sweet Baby

Toria Burrell

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