Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child
IG Reels-Causes of Sleep Problems In Your Child
June 25, 2024

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Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child

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Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child

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A Healthy Child Needs a Healthy Brain, A Healthy Brain Needs Healthy Sleep

Blog Posts 15, based on the United States of America Department of the Army Field Manual: Holistic Healing and Fitness, describe what really matters for your child’s sleep. If sleep is an important enough topic for national defense than surely sleep should be considered a serious topic for parenting!

Blog 194AIG Reels-Causes of Sleep Problems In Your Child

CAUSE of SLEEP PROBLEMS # 1 Infant colic. Child does not learn self-soothing INFANT COLIC. Blog posts 43 and 44

CAUSE of SLEEP PROBLEMS # 2 Father is unsupportive or has anxiety, depression, alcoholism, addictions or is abusive or absent.  Note: Many studies do not include the father and focus only on the mother*.  FATHER HAS PROBLEMS

CAUSE of SLEEP PROBLEMS # 3 Father is overprotective. Child does not learn self-soothing. OVERPROTECTION FATHER. Blog Post 175

CAUSE of SLEEP PROBLEMS # 4 Family conflict and marital strife.  Inconsistency FAMILY ISSUES. Blog Post 14.

CAUSE of SLEEP PROBLEMS # 5 Poor coparenting quality or low partner support. Inconsistency COPARENTING PROBLEMS. Blog Posts 17 and 18

CAUSE of SLEEP PROBLEMS # 6 Co-sleeping (family bed or room-sharing) in Western Cultures.  Child does not learn self-soothing. CO-SLEEPING. Blog Posts 82, 163170, 178, and 179.

CAUSE of SLEEP PROBLEMS # 7 Infrequent or no bedtime routines. Inconsistency. INFREQUENT BEDTIME ROUTINES. Blog Post 10, 78, 87, 89, and 90

CAUSE of SLEEP PROBLEMS # 8 TV or screen used before and during bedtime routines. SCREENS Blog Posts 21, 22, and 96.

CAUSE of SLEEP PROBLEMS # 9 Parent ignores or do not recognize drowsy signs. LATE BEDTIME Blog Posts 9, 83, 162, 174, and 177

CAUSE of SLEEP PROBLEMS # 10 Parents SKIP NAPS too often.  Blog Posts 5356 and 118.

CAUSE of SLEEP PROBLEMS # 11 Parent* is anxious: worries that every sound the child makes at night requires attention. Fragmented sleep.. Fragmented sleep. RESPONDS TO NON-DISTRESS SOUNDS. Blog Posts 3942, 45 and 120

CAUSE of SLEEP PROBLEMS # 12 Parent* is depressed (lonely at night, wants company of child) or anxious (worried about child and wakes up child to see if the child is not ill).  Late bedtime.  Fragmented sleep. PARENTAL DEPRESSION or ANXIETY. Blog Posts 3942, 45 and 120

CAUSE of SLEEP PROBLEMS # 13 Mother* has a dysfunctional cognition; at night, she believes her child will feel abandoned or neglected if not always promptly attended to. Fragments sleep.  Fragmented sleep. THINKS CHILD WILL FEEL ABANDONED. Blog Posts 3942 and 88

CAUSE of SLEEP PROBLEMS # 14 Mother* has insomnia symptoms.  Late bedtimes. MATERNAL INSOMNIA. Blog Posts 178 and 179.

CAUSE of SLEEP PROBLEMS # 15 Mother* is an owl: Late bedtime. Late bedtimes. MOTHER IS AN ‘OWL’. Blog Posts 70 and 178.

CAUSE of SLEEP PROBLEMS # 16 Emotional unavailability of the mother* at bedtime. EMOTIONALLY UNAVAILABLE. Blog Posts 17 and 57.  

CAUSE of SLEEP PROBLEMS # 17 Always falls asleep in mother’s* arms, stroller, or swing or mother’s* presence in bedroom until child falls asleep. Child does not learn self-soothing. Blog Post 77.   

*Most research focuses only on the mother and do not include the father.  But the father might be the root cause if he is anxious, depressed, abusive, alcoholic, addicted, absent, or unsupportive

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