Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child
Early Bedtimes Help: A Parent’s Report (From Blog Post 56 thread)
May 6, 2024

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Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child

5th Edition: 
A Step-by-Step Program for a Good Night's Sleep

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Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child

5th Edition: 
Chapter 1 (only 16 pages!) outlines everything you need to know about your child's sleep.

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A Healthy Child Needs a Healthy Brain, A Healthy Brain Needs Healthy Sleep

Blog Posts 15, based on the United States of America Department of the Army Field Manual: Holistic Healing and Fitness, describe what really matters for your child’s sleep. If sleep is an important enough topic for national defense than surely sleep should be considered a serious topic for parenting!

Blog 188Early Bedtimes Help: A Parent’s Report (From Blog Post 56 thread)

Our son had colic as an infant, so we held him constantly and let him nap in the carrier. He struggled to fall asleep at night and woke up frequently. We resorted to cosleeping in the hopes that everyone might get more sleep but the difficulty getting to sleep and frequent wakings persisted. As our son got older, it got more and more difficult to put him down asleep; he seemed to struggle to reach a deep sleep and wanted to be held and at the breast all night long. Around 3 months the fussiness started to wane, and we could see his exhaustion more clearly. His naps were erratic and short, rarely longer than 30 minutes, and he’d crash every evening around 4pm. We would let him cat nap around 4pm to get him to his 7pm bedtime but we’d need to wake him from what seemed to be his deepest sleep. He’d be very fussy and grumpy for the rest of the evening and the 7pm bedtime was always a battle.

We saw immediate results after moving to an earlier bedtime at 5pm and using graduated extinction to put our son down in his bassinet at night for his first sleep session. With the earlier bedtime, he would fall into deep sleep and started having his longest-ever stretches of sleep, regularly up to 5 hours. Now a few weeks into his earlier bedtime, we’re starting to shift his bedtime back slowly, looking for the sweet spot. We still need to use graduated extinction for the first put-down of the night but we all, including our son, know the drill and the dread of bedtime is largely gone. Naps are now mostly in his bassinet and are up to an hour long. 

For more information.

Colic: Blog Posts 43 and 44

Early Bedtimes: Blog Post 123

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