Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child
Bed Sharing at 5 weeks
December 27, 2023

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Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child

5th Edition: 
A Step-by-Step Program for a Good Night's Sleep

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Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child

5th Edition: 
Chapter 1 (only 16 pages!) outlines everything you need to know about your child's sleep.

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A Healthy Child Needs a Healthy Brain, A Healthy Brain Needs Healthy Sleep

Blog Posts 15, based on the United States of America Department of the Army Field Manual: Holistic Healing and Fitness, describe what really matters for your child’s sleep. If sleep is an important enough topic for national defense than surely sleep should be considered a serious topic for parenting!

Blog 164Bed Sharing at 5 weeks

A paper by Professor Ian St James-Roberts compared two parenting styles in London, England:

1. Proximal care (infant demand care) is defined as parenting that involves holding infants throughout the day, frequent or unrestricted breastfeeding, rapid responses to cries, and cosleeping (bed-sharing or family bed). The American Academy of Pediatrics discourages bed-sharing because of its association with SIDS. Mothers chose Proximal Care before the birth of their baby. 29% of the mothers were employed full-time before maternity leave.

2. Conventional care in Western countries is defined as parenting that involves putting infants down often during the day, scheduled feedings, sometimes delaying responses to cries, and separate surfaces for sleeping. 57% of the mothers were employed full-time before maternity leave.

A study compared infants in these 2 groups at 10 days of age and at 5 and 12 weeks of age. All group differences were statistically significant except where * appears.

Conventional CareProximal Care
5 weeks
Minutes held while awake309420
Minutes held while asleep103502
Minutes of fussing8866
Minutes of crying3316
Minutes of unsoothable crying*53
Infant colic (%) *149
Babies wholly breast fed (%)
10 days7095
5 weeks4590
Babies slept with parent entire night (%)
10 days1873
5 weeks2177

Proximal Care at 5 weeks: Holding more (awake and asleep), more breast feeding, and more bed sharing produced 22 minutes less fussing and 17 minutes less crying.

(To be continued)

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